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I combined the sheet music videos of Mozart and Beethoven Piano Sonata

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Andras Schiff Mozart Piano Sonatas 1 – 18 Sheet Music Complete

Andras Schiff Mozart Piano Sonatas 1 – 18 Sheet Music Complete:(MKV. 572MB)

I combined the sheet music videos of Mozart and Beethoven Piano Sonata. So that it is easier to see. Total hours is 15 hours. Paulpppl has used many hours in creating all these 50 sonatas.

Wilhelm Kempff Beethoven Piano Sonata 1-10


Wilhelm Kempff Beethoven Piano Sonata 11-21

Wilhelm Kempff Beethoven Piano Sonata 21-32

Andras Schiff Mozart Piano Sonata 1-10

Andras Schiff Mozart Piano Sonata 1-18


Complete sheet music video of Mozart and Beethoven

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Complete sheet music video of Mozart and Beethoven’s Piano Sonata, Piano Concerto, Symphony and Violin Concerto.

Just simply add “Sheet Music” in the youtube search box with the song name and you will find all my videos.


To make a video with score following the music, so that you can see the music note when you listen, you can do as follows.

  • Use Google to find the score. Mostly you will find PDF and jpeg.

  • Or create you own score using MuseScore or other software

  • Use any Free PDF to jpeg(gif or png) software to convert the score from PDF into image. MuseScore can export PNG directly.

  • Use GIMP or other software to crop the image to appropriate size. Better make it fit on a rectangular while maintain it as large as possible. Better to sequencing the image name by ascending numbers

  • Use Windows Movie Maker or Kdenlive or other software to make the video. Import both image and the mp3.

  • Play a small portion of audio while looking at the cropped image. When the music play to where it is finished, stop it. And then adjust the image duration to where it stopped. Then continue repeat the procedure.

  • Output to a video format using as high possible resolution (1080p) as possible to make the video better quality. And that it’s. It takes a lot of time to do it.

  • I have used for about 9 months (about few hours per day) to make all Mozart and Beethoven’s Symphony, Piano Concerto and Sonata Sheet Music Video. It really a hard work!!!

Beethoven Piano Concerto Sheet Music 1-5 – YouTube

Complete Sheet Music Video of Mozart Piano Concerto 1-27 – YouTube

Beethoven Symphony (Herbert von Karajan) – YouTube

Beethoven Piano Sonata Sheet Music 1-32 – YouTube

Mozart Symphony 1-10 Sheet Music (Hogwood AAM) Complete – YouTube

Mozart Symphony 11-20 Sheet Music (Hogwood AAM) Complete – YouTube

Mozart Symphony 21-30 Sheet Music (Hogwood AAM) Complete – YouTube

Mozart Symphony 31 – 41 Sheet Music (Hogwood AAM) Complete – YouTube

Shostakovich Symphony Complete – YouTube

Schubert Symphony (Sawallisch) – YouTube

The Above Youtube sheet music videos are made by me used many many hours and times. I hope you enjoy it.

The point of views is different nowadays.

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People in the past want to have a family and as many children. This is their old point of views. Nowadays, this generation have different point of views. Old people thinks enough if they have some food to eat. They are poor. But want to have more children.

Now people want material. Want to enjoy lifes. Their desire to get married and having children is not so strong than in the past. Because single can also happy.

Now have computer and smartphones. Information and entertainment can be found easily. We enjoy our life needs not find wifes or husbands. We can be happy on our own.

My salary is already higher than most ordinary people. But I also found difficulty in saving money in the bank. I have zero money at the end of the month. Not only me, many people nowadays have difficult in saving money in the bank because the cost of living is so high.

It is so stupid to have children nowadays. We will not hold a stone and fall it onto our feets. We do not want to marry and having children.

Your old elderly people. You do not save money when you are young. So that now you rely on governent subsidy. You will not get money support from your own children because you give them nothing but pain in the past.

Now, people do not think single is a big problem. Therefore, they will not want to have marriage and children.

Living costs is so high. Feed up myself is already difficult. Do you think I am comfortable? No. So no marriage and no children. Living oneself, buy anything and do anything as I want. The quality of life is more important than having children.

Poverty seriously harms children development both physical, mental, and psycological. Make children have problem when they grow up. When they grow up, they only find low-paid jobs. Make poverty be heritage again and again. So don’t have children if you are poor. Poor People Shouldn’t Have Children.

What is the effects poverty to children?

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What is the effects poverty to children?

The living environment affects childrens mental, psycological, and developement of children. It is harmful to childrens’ interpersonel skills. And knowledges is so little. Can not compare to a better living environemnts child. They will have difficulty accomodate the society and hard to find a good job. If you are poor, then make no children. Don’t do harms to next generations. Who is responsible for the pain the child endure. The answer is simple. The poorest parents. Some couples love children. But their health cannot do so. But unresponsible parents can born many children like laid a eggs by  a chicken. It is so unfair.

Poor.  Affect living conditions. No enjoy of material. Poor. Can not eat better. No money cannot buy enough and nutritional foods. Cannot eat outsides. The traditonal desire for food cannot be succes. The qualtiy, taste, quantity, nutrition are all small. Poor. No good clothes. No clothes will be laughed by people. Make a poor eyes on you. Descrimintate you. Make you low esteem. Your mother buy you ugly clothes in order to save as much money as she can. If your clothers is broken or ugly. You have low esteems. Poor. Cannot live better. The room for you to live is small. No self rooms. You need to sleep with your mothers in the same beds although you were grow up. Have physical contacts. Unpleasant.

They don’t buy microwave oven or couduction heaters. Because they don’t know how to use. They don’t know the scientific pricipal facts of that machines. They believes microwave will make people cancer. So they don’t buy.

Their culture and knowledges is low. They are stupid. They don’t borrow books from library. They don’t know computer, typing, and internet. You have a useless parents is very poor.

No money. No friends. If you no money, equals to no friends. You have no petty cash means you are difficult to make relationships with others.

My mothers teachs me nothing. Making me difficult to form relationships with people. I believe not only me, but also many parents believe child can live himself and grow up without having support. They will let their children alone in home. It is criminal to do so. You can’t expect they will teach their children. Because they don’t know either. They will not teach knowledge of socity. Being a poor family children is very poor. No friends. Unhappy.

To those unlucky children who were born to poverty because their parents are poor. When you grow up. You do not need to give back money. Because they gave you pain. They made you live in a cage which is very small. Why do they born you? They abuse them. both physical and mental and psycologically. No petty cash. Use all his money to gamble and travels. No education. No money to buy computer and smartphones. No money to pay for interet fees. No good looking clothers. No need to repay the money to them. They ignore you. You also ignore them. Because they make you painfully live.

Poor. No money to buy computer, smartphone, broadband, data plan. If you calculate. The sum of those expenditure is compose a 10% of you household income. Poor parents have no ability to provide IT to their children. When other childrens surf the net, whatsapping, go youtube website to look for videos and songs. You provide nothings. It will be lost to the worlds. Google can find information and knowledges. If you have no facility and software and hardware will make him having IT gaps. Homeworks need to be done by computer and also the use of internet. If you have no computer, how can you finish? Use library computers? It need pre booking and limit to one hours per days per sessions. Unusefriendly. People who says this sentence is stupid. In group projects learning. No classmates want to accept you. Your son needs to be forced into a group will be laughed by whole class’s classmates.

School is not only buy him textbooks. There is so many petty expenditures. Your sons have little talking skills. Little chances to react with people. He will be isolated. No common topics be talked with others classmates. Bad interpesonal relationship. Discrimanated by others. No one wants to friend with your children. Being bullied. Left him unhappy shadows. Do you want to see these?

The expenditure of raising a child is 4millions HKD or 500000USD. It is said by Lee Lai Shan in a bank advertisements. If you have no money, please wear Condom before you make love.

Poor. Generally your parents run for workings very long hours. Their culture is low. They don’t know how to teach their children. They won’t bring their children to library or bookstroe. Some of them abuse their children by letting him alone in home without people look after.

Poor. No petty cash. Children can hardly buy things. They will be like autism. You should know that social with others needs support of money. Your children have no money, cannot meet others and make friends. Will have serious affect to his development. Making him difficult to find job and live in society.

Poorest childrens are loser in the starting lines. They have difficult roads to walk. They will bound to the wall when in society laters.

Don’t make poor third generation. Don’t make cross-poor-generation.

You need to calculate the financial situation before you have child. Prepare living places. Who looks after them. If born a son. Mothers no jobs because she looks after the children. Then financial pressure will bigger. If you two works, you need to hire one domestic helper to look after your children. Will be a big money. The more the child. The more on clothes, food, live. Your need to calculate the rents of finding a bigger house. I do not advise you to have children if you cannot afford a bigger flats. It is so crowded and no privacy. I do not advise you to have children if you already cannot feed up you ownself.

Why I don’t want to have children?

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To marry and have a child. Oh my god. I don’t want to carry a big luggage for twenty years or more.

The fail examples. In the internet and books in bookstore and in library. So many fail examples.

The working hours is very long. No time to look after him.

Milk powder. Napkins. So much money.

Education fees. Big.

Food fees. Big.

LIve expenses. Big.

Area of living. Small.

The cost of living is very high. Why do we bring him to this world?

I need to worry about him if he was bullied by classmates and teachers in school. Discrimination. Isolation. Make laugh of by them. Unhappiness in school.

We need to work ten hours or more per day in order to earn a small salary. And it is difficult to live with so little money in nowadays society.

The complexness of socity. Races is big.

Pressure and hard is the work. Cost of living is high.

There is high chances of you will get fired.

I don’t want my son to face the reality of society.

Born a son is not only give him food. We need to look after, educate, and caring. You can’t left you son alone in the home. Then you need to borrow your wife or hire a maid to look after your son. The time and money is so big. I don’t have the heart and money to raise a child.

I was very unhappy in young. I don’t want him to suffer.

Adults already live very hard. I don’t want the same goes for my son.

Poor People Shouldn’t Have Children I have composed a song and sang by me on Youtube about this topic. . And my email address is or

Why do I don’t get married?

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  • I live in a small flat. It cannot live another person. I cannot afford a bigger flat. And the rent is high. My salary can only be used by me. My salary will be zero at the end of the month.
  • My working hours is very long. Plus transportation, I need to use 12 hours on wrok. I only have 3-4 hours at home concsiocus. The time to meet girlfriends is very little, making there is no different if have or have not girlfriends.
  • I cannot afford the expense of me and girlfriends at the same time.
  • Marriage have many post problems. In fact, in ten couples, only 5 will not argue.
  • USD 500$ can only rent a flat within 100 square feet. I don’t want to share my private space. I need privacy. Also, my girlfriends will not like the tiny flat.
  • Live oneself. Do anything as I like. Eat anythings as I like and the high fees as I like. Go shopping in supermarkets and spend any amount as I like. No need to force savings. Have freedom. No people disturb.
  • Difficult to find a girlfriends. Where can you meet a new girl be your girlfriends and dating with you?
  • I have no relatives. I am single. I have freedom. I am happy. I don’t need to find a partner. To live together? The answer is NO!