Why do I don’t get married?

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  • I live in a small flat. It cannot live another person. I cannot afford a bigger flat. And the rent is high. My salary can only be used by me. My salary will be zero at the end of the month.
  • My working hours is very long. Plus transportation, I need to use 12 hours on wrok. I only have 3-4 hours at home concsiocus. The time to meet girlfriends is very little, making there is no different if have or have not girlfriends.
  • I cannot afford the expense of me and girlfriends at the same time.
  • Marriage have many post problems. In fact, in ten couples, only 5 will not argue.
  • USD 500$ can only rent a flat within 100 square feet. I don’t want to share my private space. I need privacy. Also, my girlfriends will not like the tiny flat.
  • Live oneself. Do anything as I like. Eat anythings as I like and the high fees as I like. Go shopping in supermarkets and spend any amount as I like. No need to force savings. Have freedom. No people disturb.
  • Difficult to find a girlfriends. Where can you meet a new girl be your girlfriends and dating with you?
  • I have no relatives. I am single. I have freedom. I am happy. I don’t need to find a partner. To live together? The answer is NO!

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