Why I don’t want to have children?

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To marry and have a child. Oh my god. I don’t want to carry a big luggage for twenty years or more.

The fail examples. In the internet and books in bookstore and in library. So many fail examples.

The working hours is very long. No time to look after him.

Milk powder. Napkins. So much money.

Education fees. Big.

Food fees. Big.

LIve expenses. Big.

Area of living. Small.

The cost of living is very high. Why do we bring him to this world?

I need to worry about him if he was bullied by classmates and teachers in school. Discrimination. Isolation. Make laugh of by them. Unhappiness in school.

We need to work ten hours or more per day in order to earn a small salary. And it is difficult to live with so little money in nowadays society.

The complexness of socity. Races is big.

Pressure and hard is the work. Cost of living is high.

There is high chances of you will get fired.

I don’t want my son to face the reality of society.

Born a son is not only give him food. We need to look after, educate, and caring. You can’t left you son alone in the home. Then you need to borrow your wife or hire a maid to look after your son. The time and money is so big. I don’t have the heart and money to raise a child.

I was very unhappy in young. I don’t want him to suffer.

Adults already live very hard. I don’t want the same goes for my son.

Poor People Shouldn’t Have Children I have composed a song and sang by me on Youtube about this topic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n-V2Z6RgU8 . And my email address is swimingc@gmail.com or paul_joe_mick@yahoo.com.hk


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