People in the past want to have a family and as many children. This is their old point of views. Nowadays, this generation have different point of views. Old people thinks enough if they have some food to eat. They are poor. But want to have more children.

Now people want material. Want to enjoy lifes. Their desire to get married and having children is not so strong than in the past. Because single can also happy.

Now have computer and smartphones. Information and entertainment can be found easily. We enjoy our life needs not find wifes or husbands. We can be happy on our own.

My salary is already higher than most ordinary people. But I also found difficulty in saving money in the bank. I have zero money at the end of the month. Not only me, many people nowadays have difficult in saving money in the bank because the cost of living is so high.

It is so stupid to have children nowadays. We will not hold a stone and fall it onto our feets. We do not want to marry and having children.

Your old elderly people. You do not save money when you are young. So that now you rely on governent subsidy. You will not get money support from your own children because you give them nothing but pain in the past.

Now, people do not think single is a big problem. Therefore, they will not want to have marriage and children.

Living costs is so high. Feed up myself is already difficult. Do you think I am comfortable? No. So no marriage and no children. Living oneself, buy anything and do anything as I want. The quality of life is more important than having children.

Poverty seriously harms children development both physical, mental, and psycological. Make children have problem when they grow up. When they grow up, they only find low-paid jobs. Make poverty be heritage again and again. So don’t have children if you are poor. Poor People Shouldn’t Have Children.


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