The point of views of todays is different than the pasts. Nowadays people do not want to have a son or marry.

The point of views of our parents is completely differents to next generation like us. In the past, people want to have a family no matter how poor they were. They thought having foods to eat is already very enough.

Now. Besides eatings. We pursure materialism and enjoy the life. Now, we have computer, smartphones and internet. Infomation and entertainment can be got by a finger. Todays, the demands for marriage and having child is not so strong. Because liveing oneself is also very happy, no need to have a mates.

You old elderly people. You can’t even learn to use smartphones to access internet. You are not following the paces of todays days. People todays will not want to repeat your desire to have a family no matter how poor you were. People todays don’t want to marry.

It is double or triple to have a lunch outsides. In past, US$1 can buy a hamburgers. Now needs US$3 or above to buy a hamburger at McDonald’s restaurant.

My jobs salary is already higher than some people. But I am very difficult to save some money each month. Because the living costs is so big. It is very difficult that they save some money in the bank.

You old elderly people. You do not save some money for your retirements. So you can only rely on government old people subsidy to live your hell old lifes. What did you give to your son or daughter in the past ? Only pain. So they will not give money back when they are grow up. Your only born a son so that they endure pain with you.

We will not lift a stone and then fall the stone to our feet. This generation think that single is not a problem. Naturally, will not want to marry and have a son.

I strongly advise people not to have children or marry. We enjoy our own lifes. We don’t need to care if people extinct. It is not our business.


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